A day in the life of Laura Echavarria

Here is an interview with Laura Echavarria a classmate at IED with a fabulous sense of style and an interesting view on life! I asked her to describe herself in a few words and this is what she had to say: ‘’ I’m a dreamer, a fashion lover, addict to beauty and always in search of new information to fill my curiosity. I love to write on my blog  http://fashionlessons.wordpress.com/ and meeting people with a different view on design is one of my obsessions.’’

Adayinthelifeof: How did you decide to choose this career in fashion? Why Milan?

Laura: Because I have already lived in Barcelona and was looking for a more quiet and calm city, and it seemed Milan was perfect for I was looking, and ofcourse it’s a fashion capital.

Adayinthelifeof: 5 words for a typical day in your life.

Laura: My day described in 5 words? Buuufff, Strawberries, Study, Read, Writing, Bicycle.

Adayinthelifeof: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? And the last thing before going to bed?

Laura:  I wake up and put on some music, because music gets me going and makes me really happy. Before going to bed I try to read….but not always accomplish to.

Adayinthelifeof: Name 3 of the strangest things in your purse right now

Laura:  A cream for the scars :S , a banana, a toothbrush.

Adayinthelifeof: How can you best describe your life as fashion student?

Laura: I’m passionate about fashion so I just live with thorugh it and I need it, so studying what I love makes me really happy and fulfilled.

Adayinthelifeof: What is the craziest experience you had since you moved to Milan?

Laura: Mmm Milan is pretty calm, so I must say a crazy lady on the tram that doesn’t like people who talk on their mobiles (I’ve seen her twice jaja)

Adayinthelifeof: What is your favourite place to go to de-stress after a long day at IED?

Laura: The gym or Aperitivo with my cool friends.

Adayinthelifeof: Can you describe your personal style in a few words? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Laura:  My style I would say its Basic with a twist.  I must say I don’t search for inspiration intentionally,I’m always looking at style blogs, magazines and I have my eyes wide open on the street so I think my subconscious gets inspired by what I see and then transforms it and I take my personal sense of style and try to wear things in my own way.

Adayinthelifeof: Who is your style icon?

Laura:  I have never really thought about it…. I just love different ways of style like for example Leandra medine from Man Repeller, or Alexa chung. Sometimes I even like Olivia Palermo who is extremely posh for me but I really apreciate her flawless and classic style.

Adayinthelifeof: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Laura:  BIG question…..In my city but working all over the world with my own projects, I would love to travel and work…. I hope I can have my own e-magazine or online-something jajaja hope so.

Adayinthelifeof: If you were given the chance to spend the day with a famous designer who would you choose? Why?

Laura: Definetly Martin Margiela (the one no one knows) Because I would love to see him work and do the things he does, I think he has a great vision on design and fashion and would love to see it through his eyes.


Thank you Laura! xoxox


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