A Day In the life of…Davide Dolciami

A Day in the life of meets Davide Dolciami, a fellow student at IED, super creative and talented and with an interesting background quite unrelated to fashion. He is from Perugia, Italy and used to be a ballet dancer since his childhood. He has quite a lot of experience in this field having studied dance at Accademia and Opera Theatre in Rome, Rossella Hightower School in Cannes and finally training at Tring Park School in London. He has also worked with a dance company in Florence, Regio Teatro (Torino) European Thersicore Company (Vicenza) and finally The European Ballet (UK).

He won The Vogue Talent’s Corner Scholarship for a Masters course at IED, which is nothing short of impressive. At that time Davide was not working with any dance company and it was the perfect time to explore something different. When asked how he decided to come to IED to study Fashion Styling, his answer was simple: ‘’I always love doing something new, and am very happy with my decision to come here because I’ve met many interesting people in Milan, for my work and for my creative inspiration’’

The decision to enter into the competition was not pre-planned, he said he saw it on the website and decided to give it a shot. The pictures were shot by a friend and he was the model. His inspiration came from Leigh Bowery and the style was very punk, with a mix of Victorian style and some elements of fantasy. After that everything just magically fell into place and he was informed that he had won first place and was going to IED.

When asked to describe his day at IED in 4 words he said ‘’Fashion, interesting, full and enjoyable’’ In the future Davide would like to continue working in fashion and will be starting as a stylist for well known fashion blogger Olga Rink. He says someday he would like to study at Saint Martin’s University. His dream is to get as much experience as possible in Italian and foreign companies so that he gets to travel all around the world! I wish him all the best and am sure he will be able to achieve his goals soon! Thank you for this interesting interview Davide.


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