Coco Chanel

‘’In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’’– Coco Chanel

One of my all time favourite designers is the Queen of classics: Coco Chanel. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the signature double-C of Chanel and the number one thing on my wish list is the Chanel pleated leather bag.

Coco Chanel was a true visionnaire and gave the world the little black dress: that remains a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe even today, the two-toned shoes and of course the fake pearls.

Even though her designs seemed outdated when she returned to Paris in 1954 after having fled to Switzerland when WWII broke out, thanks to Christian Dior and his ‘New Look’, she managed to survive and went down in the pages of fashion history as a true icon. Today her name is being carried on by Karl Lagerfeld and he is doing a great job of keeping her legacy alive.

If I ever got the chance to meet her and interview her I would have so many questions, plus it would mean that my time-machine works 😉 She had a notorious reputation of being mean so I wonder if she would take the time to answer the questions of a star-struck fan but here goes anyway…

The first thing I would like to know is how Gabrielle Chanel was different from Coco Chanel and the steps in the transformation as well. I really wonder if she would answer me truthfully because she has been known to give different versions of her past life to different people.

Another thing that fascinates me about her is how she was so meticulous in her work to the point of sitting with a pair of scissors and making changes to her clothes minutes before the models walked onto the catwalk!!

The next question is quite cliché but it has to be asked, where did she get her inspiration from? The little black dress and the concept of mixing fake jewellery with the real thing was pure genius! Did she also think that any of the men in her life played a significant role in her success?

All this is purely wishful thinking but getting to spend one day in the life of Coco Chanel would surely be one of the best things that ever happen to me.






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