A Day in the life of…Sonam Kapoor

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This blog post is dedicated to my country India, that I miss terribly being so far away. The fashion scene is booming with people becoming more and more aware of brands and what or what not to wear. One of the most fashionable young actresses in Bollywood is Sonam Kapoor. She is the daughter of Anil kapoor : a seasoned and well respected actor in the country. She started acting only a few years back but has become better known for her impeccable taste in clothes and her flawless sense of style.

Her favourite brands include Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dior and she confessed that she loves shopping in Vintage shops in New York as well. Her clothes on the Indian red carpet as well as on bigger platforms like Cannes are closely observed by fashionistas and press everywhere.

Sonam was named the “Best Dressed Celebrity” of 2009 by People’s Magazine. Sonam is associated with prestigious brands like L’Oreal Paris, Electrolux, Spice Mobile and Mont Blanc.

I personally think she is quite the style icon and look at her for inspiration! Hope you find her style appealing as well.





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