A Day in the life of…Me

We had a class called Video & Fashion where we learnt how to work with videos and movies, it was really quite interesting. Through the course of the lessons we saw excerpts from several films, advertising campaigns and music videos from film-makers all over the world. The teacher pointed out little details like how the way you zoom the camera can portray the changing moods in the scene or how sound effects can make or break any video.

This post is about the video I had to create for the exam. It was a little challenging at first and I had a panic attack half an hour before the exam because my computer stopped working midway but in the end it turned out ok and I was quite pleased with the end result. The assignment was to create a short video for any brand of our choice and I chose to work on one of my favourite perfumes: Chance by Chanel.

It was the first time I made or rather put together my own video (Thank you windows live movie maker!!) so its not so professional but here it is, hope you like it 🙂